Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Halifax Training Day 3

Jen here,

Today we trained in a variety of conditions out in St. Margaret's Bay.  We focused on line ups and communication between crew and skipper, as well as combining kinetics with sheeting in order to balance the rig.  At one point our coach, Dave, hopped into the boat and I took the opportunity in coach boat to drive around and look at each helm's steering and sheeting style.  This served to reiterate my goal of "drive less and sheet more." 
 At one point a squall blew through and so for about twenty minutes or so we had some very nice 15-18 knot breeze and could get the boats into upwind planing mode. After a few days in light air this felt really nice.  After the squall blew through, the wind quickly went soft and eventually we towed in.  I sailed in with Teddy, one of the sailors from Halifax who came to Europe this summer.   He's a talented crew and sailing with someone new always gives me the opportunity to see how someone else interprets things and communicates. 

Tomorrow the breeze is supposed to pick up and we should get some nice planing conditions.  We'll see how Teddy's boat performs in the breeze!


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