Monday, February 14, 2011

Fundraising Opportunity for Canadians

The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) and the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) have teamed up on a Facebook fan campaign to harness all that passion and support for our budding athletes as we celebrate the one-year anniversary of Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

For every new Canadian fan of Canada at “Keep Exploring” on Facebook, one shiny loonie will go to the Canadian Olympic Team. The promotion runs until February 28, one year after the Closing Ceremony.

Share this with your friends and family to help support the Canadian Olympic Team.

Here’s an example Facebook post to share:

Support the Canadian Olympic Team! Visit Canada, Keep Exploring on Facebook and athletes will receive $1 for every “Like.”


Olympians Canada Secretariat

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Upcoming Training: Louis Riel Camp

Jen here,

This week we're shifting our primary focus to the gym and to some nagging boat work.  These are items which didn't prevent us from racing and training in Miami, but which certainly need attending to. Luckily, Adrian Round, (Anne's husband, and if you remember, Anne was my helm for the 29er XX event...we're all one big happy family!) is helping us out this week. Okay, "helping" is a bit of an understatement. Adrian is single-handedly removing any minor form of wiggle, waggle, or slop from my steering system and also repairing a nasty fibreglass repair in the partners of our boat (the partners are the part of the boat that help to support the mast). 

I would like to pretend that I could do these repairs myself...and admit that Erin and I both attempted MacIvor-like repairs in the boat part in Miami. Who am I kidding? Adrian is infinitely more knowledgeable, well equipped, experienced, and detail oriented when it comes to this type of thing! Many thanks to you, Adrian, for fixing up our boat and letting us get back to fixing ourselves at the gym.

This weekend we'll be back on the water training. We've got a four day training camp at Royal Vic called the "Louis Riel Camp." The name comes from Team Manitoba, who will be joining us for their long weekend which involves Louis Riel Day.  We'll also have the Alberta Sailing Team with us and Paralympic sailors from all the western provinces.  Should be a great weekend!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

29er XX Event

Jen here,

Erin and I are both back in Canada now, and taking a short break this week after five weeks of winter training down in Miami.  I stayed an extra week to sail the Seiko Superbowl 29erXX event with Anne Round. This was a fun and relaxed event which proved to be a good opportunity to practise transferring my 470 skills into another boat, and to transfer my helming skills back to my old position of crew! 
The boats are simple, straight forward and fun. That is not to say that they are easy though!  In the breeze agility and the ability to respond quickly to changing boat balance proved to be the most important thing for Anne and I.  I can't say that our cat-like reflexes were quite on par with the more experienced skiff crews once a bit of breeze came up, but in the lighter wind, we were able to keep up with even the experienced crews.  Our best result was a 5th in the first race, having lost our 3rd place to two other boats right on the finish. This was a highlight of our weekend, and Anne and I, the two renegade skiff newbies from Canada looked at each other after the race and thought "wow! way to go team!" 
Next weekend Erin and I will get back to work in the 470.  As much as I truly enjoyed skiff sailing, and look forward to more in the future, I must admit to being a devoted fan of the 470.  It's complicated, challenging, and sometimes incredibly frustrating...but that's what makes the 470 so rewarding.

I've attached a link to photos from the 29erXX event. Anne and I are sail number CAN6.  I wonder if the 470 class association would ever consider incorporating pink sails into the picture???


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2.4 Sailing in Miami

Jen here,

After a bit of a computer overhaul, I've finally got the footage from 2.4 Sailing in early January edited and uploaded into a short vid.  The sailors are Brenda Hopkin from Canada, Meg Pascoe from team GBR, and myself.  Enjoy!

Miami Wrap Up

Jen here,

Well, OCR is all wrapped up and the trailer is on it's way back to Victoria where it appears to be...not as warm or nice as Miami!  Erin is off in a few hours, but I'm fortunate enough to be staying for another week to sail the 29erXX Seiko regatta with my good friend Anne Round.  This will definitely be a nice way to end off the trip, with a fun and action packed yet low pressure event.  Erin and I are happy with the progress that we've made since our last OCR regatta one year ago, and feel that we're on the right path with our training.  A huge thanks to our coaches, Steve, Dave, Brian, Erik, and now Zizi and Rafal. And of course to all of you who have followed along, supported us, and sent us your warm wishes and love.

Thanks again!