Saturday, September 11, 2010

Back in Canada

Jen here,

We arrived in Halifax last night after 24 hours in transit and it feels great to be back on Canadian soil.  Our coach, Brian Todd, picked us up at the Halifax airport and took us out to his farm to sleep and recoup for a day-which was just what the doctor ordered after a transatlantic flight.  He clearly knows how to deal with travel weary and bedraggled sailors, because he immediately fed us Shreddies and tucked us each into our own room with our own lovely bed and farm quilt.  This morning Brian took me for a walk around his property where there is a beautiful waterfall. Tomorrow we start a training camp with the sailors from Halifax and our coaches Brian and Dave Hughes.  Then we sail the Canadian Nationals before coming home to BC on the 20th.
After being in cities like Istanbul, Den Hague, and Barcelona, it feels a bit funny to be in Canada.  Istanbul and its surrounding area is over two thirds the size of Canada and so this little country of ours seems so empty!  I keep finding a few thoughts running through my head on my first day back home:

1) Where is everyone?
2) Hey cool! I can drink the tap water!
3) Why does that person sound just like me when he speaks?
4) I can't sleep. It's too quiet and there is no drone of traffic to lull me to sleep.
5) The cheese is so expensive here!
6) I bet this water is clean enough sail in without getting an infection. Cool.
7) Maybe without the language barrier people will think I'm funny. Then again, maybe not...
8) What's the exchange rate between CAD and CAD again???
9) Where have the comforting sounds of techno and the comforting smell of sewer gone?
10) I can stop drinking Nescafe and start drinking double doubles!

It's great to be (almost) home! One week of training and the Canadian Champs here and then back to BC.


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