Monday, September 13, 2010

Halifax Training Day 1

Jen here,

Today was the first day of training here in Halifax and the breeze was very very light.  There are five teams participating in the training camp, as well as our coaches Dave and Brian.  We spent yesterday putting the boats together as most of us are borrowing boats for the camp and event.  Today we focused on boat handling and short course work.  It's really nice to be back in a training setting after three months of racing.  We now have the opportunity to work on some of the boat handling issues that have been nagging us throughout the summer. 
Our pointing seems to have improved significantly in the light breeze, and we're working to slow down our maneuvers in order to make them smooth and powerful. 
After training we debriefed and received physiotherapy and massages.  This was definitely a great was to end the day.  Three months of racing has certainly taken its toll on our bodies-there seems to be a bone in the wrong spot in one of my hands and I think that my IT bands are tight enough that you could use them to play the violin. Erin is in a very similar stage as well.

Now we're back at Karen's house. Karen is the crew of the women's team from Halifax and she is hosting the entire Canadian 470 fleet at her place.  The ten of us are enjoying a nice communal living atmosphere with shifts making pasta in the kitchen and our five little 470's all lined up in a row back at St. Margaret's Bay Sailing Club.  This camp may be a far cry from the 200 boats at Worlds or the 90 boats at Europeans, but 470 Canadians will be a good little event.


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