Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pack up after Kiel

Jen here,

The boat is all packed up and headed to Den Hague, we follow tomorrow via train.  Despite the surprises about our boat and all of it´s repairs and fixes and the lack of wind, it´s been a great experience and good to get our first European event under our belts.  We have a laundry list of further upgrades that we´ll do to the boat when we arrive in Den Hague, including removing the bridal traveller and replacing it with a proper traveller car system like our boat back home, new spinnaker sheets, and new auto bailers (ours leak!).  We´re also very keen to actually get SAILING! We´ve befriended an Australian team of twin brothers who will also be in Den Hague very shortly,  and we´re keen to train with them. 
After packing up the boat today, Erin and I went and visited the U-boat memorial in Kiel.  It was very interesting and do I ever feel sorry for the poor soldiers who had to serve inside of those tiny cramped quarters.

More once we reach Den Hague.


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  1. wow, one event done already! You guys are so fast!