Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 26 - Boat Setup

Our boat is set up and ready for training tomorrow.  We've still got some more work to do on the boat, but it's definitely coming along, and we got it rigged and tuned today.  The only downer today was that after all of the trouble that we've had with our top cover, the bottom cover completely disintegrated today when we unpacked it!  Hopefully we can save it...we'll keep you posted!
The harbour here is huge, I've never seen anything like it.  We're in an industrial looking area, and to get to the sailing centre we ride our bikes past herring canneries and through commercial chandleries.  To get out of the actual harbour we have to launch down a massive ramp and sail out through a huge concrete harbour that leads to the open water.  Outside of the harbour is open sea, which is why they need to have such big breakwaters, but it's very impressive.  We'll post pictures so that you can get an idea of how small the 470's look when they sail out of the harbour. You can see it on google maps.

Tomorrow we train with our Australian friends, and we're looking forward to getting out into the current-something that we Victorians know so very well.


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