Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17 in Kiel

Jen here,

We spent yesterday getting ourselves sorted in terms of phones, food, and tools.  Our hostel was advertised as having free wifi but apparently it is not being installed until next week, which is hilarious.  There will be free wifi tomorrow once the regatta starts so that should be much better. This morning we even found an Ikea where we managed to source out much needed towels and plastic bins for our gear!  Today we are enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the boat park (I'm told that this is a rarity) and waiting for our new boat.  Barry, who sold us the boat and who is bringing it to us, should be here any minute and so it feels a bit like the night before Christmas.   Today will be spent putting our boat together and setting everything up the way that we're used to, and we hope to get started on tuning as well. 


Kiel is a beautiful little town, and the regatta venue is very nice.  The scale and scope of this event is much bigger than any I have ever attended.  I keep seeing the production crews setting up tents, audio equipment, and lighting rigs and I think to myself..."hmmm....potential job opportunities for all the theatre folks back home!" 


Speaking of back home, in a few hours my cohort from the UVic MBA program will convocate.   A small part of me will be missing my classmates as they all cross the stage, get bonked on the head by the university Chancellor, and receive their parchment.  On the other hand...I'm in Germany!! I will think of you all, and Erin even conceded to allowing me to wear a gown and cap while tuning the boat-provided that I can find one.  I think that was part of why she agreed.  Congratulations everyone!

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