Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 22-One race

Jen here, 

Well, after starting out our third windless day waiting in the boat park,  the RC sent us out at 12:00 for some light wind racing.  Erin and I were keen to put our days of boat work to the test.  We got out to the course, warmed up, tuned up and went upwind with some other boats before heading back to the starting area.  The whole starting process took close to an hour with the two mens fleets being recalled, and ours as well. We got a good start with speed off the line and were able to hold our lane...this was a major improvement over Miami!  We stayed mid fleet throughout the race, and seemed to have good boat speed in our new boat.  On the downwind we were able to work much lower than the boats around us, and picked up a number of places.  Then the breeze went very very soft, and on the final leeward mark to the finish we got involved in one of those slow motion pinwheels where you can see the whole thing coming from about ten minutes beforehand.  We tried to position ourselves favourably by slowing down...apparently slowing down on the outside of a pinwheel is only midly effective when everyone else is only going about a knot and a half.  All in all, though, it was a great day and nice to get an actual race in after all of the waiting.


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