Saturday, May 12, 2012

Worlds Starts Tomorrow!

Hello Supporters!

 The time we have worked so hard for has finally arrived! The 2012 470 World Championships and 2nd Olympic Qualifier is now! Last night was the opening ceremonies and today was the practice race. Tomorrow racing starts at 12 pm with two races per day scheduled. There will be six days of racing (with no lay day) and then the medal race and consolation race on the seventh day (May 19th). We took the day off yesterday and did some sight seeing with our Croatian friends. We went to the Picasso museum, did some shopping and had coffee on La Rambla. There are some pictures on Facebook you can see here.

It has been a very steep learning curve since Hannah and I started sailing together in October, and a very emotional past few months over here in Europe training and competing. I guess we are as ready as we will ever be! We are healthy and happy and we have excellent equipment, so that's about all you can hope for at the end of the day. I am super excited to get the event started and see how it goes. The conditions for training have been very light and warm and choppy. Not our best conditions in terms of boat speed, but very enjoyable to sail in none the less.

 There are too many boats registered for us to all race together, so the fleets will be split. This means there will be three days of qualifying and then four days of racing in Gold and Silver fleet. What this means for the Olympic Qualification is that in order to qualify for the Olympics we probably need to be in Gold fleet. So one way or another we will know by Wednesday what our future holds. You can follow along on Facebook and Twitter and on the event website. We will have GPS trackers on board so you can follow the racing live if you are awake!

 Thank you to everyone for all your support throughout our campaign and wish us luck!

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