Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Day Done!

Hello all! So, it is the end of day one of the 2012 470 World Championships, and we got one light wind race under our belts; placing 20th in the Blue fleet. We were postponed on shore for a couple hours, before rushing out around 2:30pm, as they only give us 30mins from the moment the AP flag comes down on shore. Erin made the mistake this morning of trusting me with the blue ribbon to display from our mast... I forgot where I set it down, so I was running around the boat park, trying to find a new blue ribbon. After that little drama we headed to the start line.

The first start for the blue fleet was generalled, then the second start was under the pretty black flag. We made it off the line and immediately took a few transomes, after missing our only tacking opportunity, we were forced out to the left. But, luckily a HUGE lefty came in and helped us out a little.
We caught a few boats on the first downwind, but then found ourselves in the middle of a massive shit fight on the starboard side of the gate. We made it out with limited drama, other than the Malaysians yelling uselessly about something involving Canadians and a few words I shouldn't repeat. But, seeing as we weren't at fault, we didn't need to do any spins.

The rest of the race went relatively smooth, and we had some boats behind us at the finish line, so overall not a bad day. We felt bad for the 470 men though, who hadn't even started a race by the time we were headed in so Erin made a delish supper for when the Finnish guys got home, as they were bound to come in tired, grumpy, and hungry.

As for tomorrow, we hope to get off the start line a little better, and hopefully have a few more sails behind us at the finish! The start is at 12:00pm again, but we are on the Alpha course instead of the Bravo. You can also follow along live on the event webpage; all the boats carry GPS trackers. We shall post again tomorrow evening with more exciting news from beautiful Barcelona. Untill then, adios amigos!!

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