Monday, May 7, 2012

Training In Barcelona

Hello everyone! Hannah and I are back together in Barcelona and getting ready for our World Championships! We had 10 days off during which time Hannah went to Whales and I went to Croatia. We both had excellent holidays and are feeling refreshed and relaxed and excited to get back into the boat. Today we unloaded the boat and set it up and actually managed to get on the water for a short training session with the Croatian women's team Romana and Enia. We did some line ups (we were fast but had no height) and a short windward leeward. We have some minor boat work to do each day this week to make sure the boat is totally prepared for Worlds, but everything major is together and working. We have a very nice three bedroom apartment less than 10 minutes biking from the Olimpic Harbor. Unfortunately this is apparently NOT the sailing venue we will race out of next week! So we will have to sort out those logistics later. Staying with us are the Finnish Men's 470 team of Niklos and Joonis Lindgren and their coach Petri. They have admitted to being incapable of cooking so looks like I'm the chef for the next few weeks; which conveniently means I will not have to do any dishes. Speaking of dishes - we've just discovered Hannah has been running the dishwasher with salt, not dishwasher powder as she originally thought. Her defense is she doesn't speak Spanish! Racing for Worlds starts on the 13th so we will have 5 days of training and a day off and then start racing. There are six days of racing and the seventh day is the medal race. The forecast looks rather mixed, which is what people have been saying all along. Hopefully we will get a little bit of everything and the most well-rounded sailors will win! I can hardly believe we have only two more weeks left in Europe. This trip has been such a whirl-wind of emotions and activities. Thank you so much to everyone for your continued support. The folks at Calgary Yacht Club put together a video to cheer us on and posted it to our Facebook page and it was so great to see everyone at home still thinking of us and wishing us the best!

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