Friday, March 16, 2012

Training in Palma

We have been getting settled in Palma and had our second day on the water today. It is sunny and warm during the day and absolutely beautiful. It is still "winter" here though, so the sun goes down at around 7 and it cools off quickly.

We found the Schenker warehouse in Barcelona last weekend and managed to un-pack the boat without any major issues. Bunny arrived Tuesday afternoon and we loaded up the boat and caught the overnight Ferry to Palma!

The Ferry was pretty exciting - they make you do all these sharp corners and then REVERSE down the lane on the ferry so you can drive off at the other side. Easier said than done when you have all random assortments of cars/vans/trucks and sailing people with giant trailers loaded with 470's, 49ers, motorboats etc!
We found our tiny cabin and promptly went to bed.

The ferry got in at 7 am and we drove directly to our rental house. It is in Con Pastilla, which is a different district than where we are sailing which is the Club Nautic Aranel in Aranel. We have a cute 3 bedroom apartment and so far it is great. I did manage to blow a breaker on the first morning and so we had to call the landlord to fix it straight away!

Wednesday we unloaded the boat and started setting up and saying Hi to sailing friends from last summer. Wednesday we got on the water for the first time in 6 weeks and had a good 2 hour session in 5-7 knots and flat water. Today we had a longer session in a dieing gradient wind that was fighting the seabreeze, so it was pretty shifty.

The water is a beautiful blue and the sun has been amazing the past two days. We are trying to get back into a routine with fitness in the morning, then breakfast and then biking to the club (our bums aren't quite used to the cycling yet). Then some boatwork, lunch then on the water. Home for dinner and then internet time and to bed!

We will train here for the rest of the month until the Princess Sofia Cup which begins on March 31st.

Here are some pictures from sailing today.

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