Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sunshine in Palma!

Today the forecast was for more wind in the morning so we got all ready for an early day. Got up at 6.30 am, went running at  7 am and then back to the house. Of course the forecast changed, so we did some paperwork before heading down to the harbour.

The change is the SUN returned! This meant the seabreeze would probably come in later. We hit the water just after noon and had a good three and a half hour session in a building sea breeze. Bunny has decided we are maybe ready for marks so we did some short course stuff today. Focused on mark roundings and transitions before and after the marks, before and after tacks and gybes. There is so much to do in the boat a lot of the time you want to tidy up all the ropes etc. right after a maneuver, but of course you need to focus on making the boat going as fast as possible straight away and then once settled make those small adjustments. Our tacks and gybes are becoming a lot more consistent, as is our upwind and downwind technique. Now we just have to remember the key ideas with starts and mark roundings which is the focus of the next few days training.

Hopefully the sun will stay out and the weather will start to warm up, I'm growing tired of wearing the only pair of pants I brought with me!

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