Friday, March 30, 2012

Good evening all! Hannah here. So it has been almost three weeks now that we have been in Europe and time has just flown!! We have been in serious head down training mode for most of it, but got a couple days off here and there, where we got to do a bit of sight-seeing and tourist-y stuff.

The first day we had off I used to just walk along the beach in C'an Pastilla and Mallorca. I browsed the shops and when that got old, sat in a cute cafe for some coffee and reading time. It was lovely! Not to mention the coffee here is fantastic, almost as good as Tim Hortons!

That same day happened to be Erin's birthday, so later we went to explore the Cathedral in Palma. It was like stepping back in time, with the old brick buildings, intricate architechture, and most of all stunning stained glass! It was incredible.

After that we went out for a couple drinks and tapas. The food was delicious! Even if it was on our "banned substances" list... Then Bunny took us to an amazing bar that closely resembled a palace. With mulitple floors, a courtyard and grand stairway, half the stuff inside looked like it belonged in a museum, not a bar. I felt quite classy sipping my champagne cocktail, wandering the different floors and rooms of that extrodinary building.

Now we have our first regatta starting in a couple days, the Princess Sofia. But before that we have one more day off that I hope to see more of the island with, possibly explore the caves, go cliff diving, or just hang out and play ping pong and mini golf. Either way it will be a much needed rest before the week-long regatta kicks off.

Thats all for now! We will keep everyone posted with regatta updates!

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  1. okay, I flew over Palma around lunchtime on Tuesday and I didn't see you out on the water. I'm watching you from the sky, so no slacking off! Good luck in the regatta.