Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Cup Day 2

Today was day two of racing at Spring Cup. I'll be honest, we are not doing so hot. We are really struggling with getting things sorted out on the race course. As Bunny keeps reminding us, we only have 2 or 3 main things to remember on each leg of the course, and yet we are still dropping the ball. Yesterday we had a 2 pm start and two races in light winds. The last race was a joke, the wind totally died half way through. The race committee should have abandoned it or shortened it earlier. As it was, we spent over 40 minutes in no wind trying to finish. The boats at the back of the fleet started pumping, so then everyone did as well. So basically the jury did nothing, while everyone pumped their boats across the finish line. Totally ridiculous. Generally our starts are better, but our decision making was terrible. Sailing all over the middle of the course and giving boats away at all the marks. Today was similar. We had an 11 am start schedule, but then there was no wind, rain and clouds. We were postponed on shore and then went out at 11.30. Then we sat around on the water for over 3 hours, while the wind switched directions every 10 minutes. I don't blame the race committee for not racing us in it, but it would have been much more comfortable to be sitting on shore (since it is so close) until the wind stabilized. Finally we had 2 races in puffy shifty wind from the shore. Again, decent starts but poor decision making and we just couldn't get it together. Despite the terrible racing, we have been having some nice BBQ's in our garden each evening. Bunny is quite the BBQ'er and tonight we had grilled chicken, sausage, peppers and corn with a nice salad and some red wine. We will try again with the racing tomorrow.

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