Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gearing Up for Spring Cup

Hello from sunny France! It is currently blowing about 25 knots with some nice waves crashing into shore, but it's still sunny, strange concept for an Alberta girl... Today we spent our time getting organized for Spring Cup; got registered, our sails measured, and our brand new mast set up, all tuned in and ready to go! Racing starts tomorrow at 2pm and goes till Monday. The forcast is for a solid 10-15 knots for the first couple days then dying out, so we will get some good medium racing practice in. The regatta is supposed to have around 50 boats, guys and girls will be mixed and there will be two fleets. The location is amazing! We went to Sanary for supper last night, it was beautiful. It was kind of windy and rainy, but gorgeous none the less. I tried blood sausage, not knowing that it's actually made of blood and I actually really enjoyed it! Untill Erin's comment, "Just try to ignore the slight metallic taste!" Then I was done with that idea. But overall, I am personally enjoying France more than Spain, just food and scenary wise. It also might have something to do with being able to decipher the language a little bit better than Spanish too... I'm not as comfortable with French as Erin is, but it's still pretty cool! We will keep everyone posted with how Spring Cup goes, then we are off to Hyeres! :) P.S. We are sorry about the lack of communication, it took a while for us to track down some decent wifi.

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