Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wed June 8 - Day 3 S4G

Today we had two races in 18-25 knots from the SW. Let's start with the positives. We had a really good start in the first race, tacked out and had a clear lane. We were going wicked fast and looked really good. We didn't overstand the top layline and got pushed down by the current and had to tack back out, but all in all a solid upwind leg with us rounding in the 20's. The second race was similar; our start wasn't as great and our lane wasn't as clear but we had a really good first beat. We did not capsize upwind which I think is a first for us when racing in these sorts of conditions. Usually I get knocked off the boat by a large wave and lose my confidence on the trapeze and then it happens again; so I was very pleased that we did not do any of that today, as there were lots of big waves!

On the downside, we managed to rip not one but two spinnakers cleanly in half. The first one was on the first downwind of the first race after capsizing trying to avoid a leeward boat. (The kite got tangled on the spreaders and ripped). The second was our spare kite; and it got ripped on the first downwind of the second race when it wrapped itself around the jib out of a gybe. So not an ideal situation as we had to finish both races today under two sails. Not very fast but we did manage to finish them.

So it seems to be always something with us! My theory is we are just making new mistakes having solved ones we were making previously. As we all know, winning at sailboat racing is all about who makes the least amount of mistakes. Tomorrow we have two more races scheduled and 15-18 knots forecast so another day of windy sailing!

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