Monday, June 6, 2011

Mon June 6 - Skandia Sail for Gold Day 1

Hello everyone. Today was the first day of Skandia Sail for Gold. We took Friday off and then sailed short training sessions on Saturday and Sunday. Today we were scheduled to begin racing at 11 am but there was no wind. We were postponed on shore for several hours while the clouds and sun fought it out. Finally the sun won out and we got a tiny bit of wind. We launched somewhere between 2.30 and 3 pm and towed out to the race area. We tuned up with our new Russian training partners and started a race somewhere after 4 pm. We totally screwed up the start and had to do penalty turns off the line so it was not a brilliant start to the regatta! The wind was light and patchy (5-8 knots) with very choppy water and current pushing up the course. We were actually going quite fast in a straight line on both the upwind and downwind legs but just couldn't put it together tactically today. So we finished at the back of the pack in both races. We got off the water around 8 pm and home around 9. Tomorrow is another day and it is supposed to have good breeze so we are happy about that!

You can follow along with the regatta on the event website. There should be live tracking, video, pictures and twitter and facebook updates.

I have put some new pictures and some geeky videos in the photo album below so go take a look and let me know what you think.

Weymouth - Holland 2011

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