Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update 1 from Miami

Erin- We have had a crazy couple days since I arrived, so were not
able to get online.
I arrived in Miami late due to a delayed flight and bumped connection.
Jen and I headed straight to the US sailing centre without my bag,
which the airline had lost somewhere in Dallas. We worked on tuning
the boat until it got dark, took a dinner break and then did some more
work by headlamp.
Saturday was the first day of 470 North Americans, and it was windy! A
bit of trial by fire as this is our first event sailing together, we
hadn't managed to get on the water on Friday, and I was sailing in
borrowed/random gear.
We got out to the course early, started warming up and promptly broke
the boom vang fitting! We sailed in and managed to jury rig a fix, and
headed back out. We had missed the first race, but were in time for
the second. We got a bad start and capsized on the reach, but we made
it around the course and were a bit more comfortable with the wind
strength and boat. In the next race we got a transit and set up early.
We won the start and were up with the leaders for quite awhile. We
slowly dropped back in the fleet as the race progressed, as we dealt
with some boat issues etc.

Jen-It's Sunday and we just finished our second day of racing in good
breeze again. Today ended early when the race committee sent us
scrambling for shore while a storm front blew in. Our coach for the
week is Dave Hughes, a very experienced and talented 470 crew from
California. Dave has been helping us get our boat into race condition
and been walking us through trim and boathandling with great 470
specific knowpledge.
We're sailing in a world class fleet, which is exciting and provides
us with many learning opportunities. We've got a lot of work to do in
order to mix with the top sailors, but we're improving with every race
and each day on the water. We've had some great moments too-first off
the start In the third race yesterday!
Tomorrow is the last day of NA's and the forecast is for light wind.

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