Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 1 in Miami-Rigging

After a series of flights, layovers, and more flights, I'm finally in Miami. Erin will be joining me later this week, so I'm here getting the boats ready. Today was beautiful, the first warm day for folks down here in awhile, and it was about 17 degrees C. Our race boat (Toque) is washed, waxed, and rigged, and ready for a serious tuning session tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll also put together our training boat, because we're chartering it to a team from Tampa. It seems ironic that a team which is so close to Miami is chartering a boat from the other side of the continent...and so I chuckled to myself today as I worked.

I'm taking lots of photos of the rigging process, so we'll have some good diagrams and shots up for you to use on your own boats. Tomorrow I'll take shots of our training boat, as it will be very useful to anyone rigging an older boat.

Lots of friends hanging around the boat park, so today has been as much about hugs and catching up as it's been about rigging. It's great to see everyone and how each team has progressed as the time has passed. Our coach, Dave Hughes, will be out tomorrow, and so I'll be picking his brain about all things steering-I can't wait!

Take care!

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