Thursday, November 24, 2011


We arrived in Palo Alto on Monday night, where we stayed with my brother. Tuesday we spent the day in San Fran exploring. We saw the Golden Gate Bridge and went for a run in Golden Gate park. Then we went on a search for smoothies that got us stuck in downtown traffic. We headed back to Palo Alto and visited my brother's office, then went climbing at the huge climbing gym in Sunnyvale with Tom's co-worker Nykolai. The evening ended with Tom letting me drive his sports car until I made the clutch smell like burning. Awesome day!

Today we left palo alto at 6.30 am and took the 101 along the coast. Stopped in Santa Barbara for some lunch (very pretty with mountains, palm trees and ocean) then headed into LA. Wow did the volume of traffic suck! I didn't notice any accidents or crazy driving, just a lot of cars going slowly. Took us about 4 hrs to get through the city. We finally made it to Santee to pick up the new boat. By the time we finished loading it was 9.30 pm and we were still over 5 hours from Phoenix so we decided not to push it and stopped in Yuca Arizona for the night. Beautiful stars out in the desert where there is no light pollution!

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