Thursday, March 3, 2011

Late winter hits us in Victoria

Jen here,

The day after our Louis Riel training camp winter seemed to hit us again...with a foot of snow in Victoria!  Needless to say, training has been put on hold while the temperatures dipped to as low as -9 with the wind chill.  What does this mean for us? Lots of time at the gym! I've been focusing on strength training to try to get my back and shoulders as strong as possible, and working on a nutrition plan to help keep weight down while working on my strength. 
I had the opportunity to teach an instructor course in Vancouver over the weekend. It was a nice change of pace and all the candidates involved were enthusiastic and shared great ideas about coaching.  This was a Program Manager course, which certifies instructors to run their own learn to sail programs.  Lots of good ideas flying around the room and meaty discussions about promoting active and healthy living through the sport of sailing.  Very inspiring!


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