Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jan. 27th - Almost Race 6

We headed on the water at Noon today for a 1 pm start but there was no wind. We got a tow out with Zizi and Rafa and our training group and then drifted around for several hours while the race committee checked the wind (or lack thereof). The Finn's were supposed to have 3 races today but had only completed one when we got out there, so we knew even if the wind filled in we would still be third start. Finally at around 3 pm the Race Committee started the Finns and then the 470 men in about 2 knots. We then started our sequence, but had to stop half way through as the Finn's were approaching the leeward mark. They re-started our sequence and we got a start off. We had a really good start and headed off on Starboard tack as there seemed to be more pressure on the middle/left of the course. The breeze then proceeded to shift right and die completely. It was agonizingly slow going, and we got all mixed up with the Finn fleet. At one point we were on starboard tack and Ben Ainslie was coming downwind on Starboard tack as well. Technically we had right of way - but its Ben Ainslie! And there was no wind! It was very silly. We rounded the top mark in 7th or 8th and then got sailed over by a few boats on the very very slow downwind. Sanni and Tina proceeded to coach us as they sailed over us - helpful and humorous at the same time. Finally the Race Committee abandoned the race for us and we towed in. We will try again tomorrow with 3 races scheduled and a forecast of 6-10 knots.

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