Sunday, April 18, 2010

A normal day

I just thought I would post something to let you know we are still here. Nothing too exciting has happened of late, Jen and I have been working and training as usual. There was no wind both times we tried to sail after work this week, so we did some much needed boat work. This morning we ran 20 km in our running clinic, which was looooong. It was a gorgeous morning, lovely and warm and sunny, which was great except I thought it was going to rain so I was dragging along an extra shirt and jacket! The nice weather meant there wasn't too much wind but we went sailing afterwards anyways, testing out a few new modifications to the boat. Then home for dinner, and downtown for free yoga at lululemon (they have this in every city with a lululemon, you should check it out).

I will finish up my contract as a research assistant at the end of the month and the opera Jen is stage managing has opened so we will be getting on the water even more in the next couple weeks. With the warmer weather and more daylight Jen and I have both been biking more as well. Brian Todd (National Team Coach) will be out for the last week of April to work with the Paralympic and 470 sailors in Victoria, which will be great.

Things are steadily coming together for our competitions in Europe. We have secured accommodations in Weymouth and just booked our flight to Germany, we will be leaving Canada on June 14th.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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